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Closing date: 07/08/2017

Location: Lindfield

Project Description: To develop a Knowledge Management System (on Windows PC) to allow protection, preservation, archiving, search and visualisation of tacit and explicit corporate knowledge.

Surprisingly, there seems to be no off-the-peg system into which to pour a lifetime's working knowledge for the benefit of the next generation of users. Consequently, we are considering developing such a system initially for our own needs and perhaps for later commercialisation. All known commercial systems in the area of KM or similar have been investigated (over 50), and none are suitable.

The applicant must be able to demonstrate an ability to turn snippets of local information (PDFs, documents, images, engineering drawings, specialist charts etc.) and information on the web into a cohesive knowledge engine with the emphasis on the rapid visualisation of associated information chinks. It is envisaged that the applicant will be able to take a barebones concept specification and proceed through working software mock-up to a practical and usable system.

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Project added: 06/07/2017

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