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The Key to Attracting and Retaining Junior Talent

Over the next few years junior talent will make up half the global workforce and it’s predicted this number will have risen to a whopping 75% by just 2025. Having grown-up in a digital world, they are the first fully connected generation and consequently have different behaviours, needs and aspirations in the workplace than those of previous generations. Comparing the attitudes of Baby Boomers to Millennials, shows this new generation are more vocal about what they want from their career; they are looking for financial stability and access to the property ladder, which in turn impacts on their expectations at …

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Recruitment offer for all Graduate/Junior job adverts!

Employing graduates can be hugely rewarding as they represent some of the brightest and best educated talent on the employment market. With students across Sussex having just finished University and getting ready to kick-start their career in the digital, media and tech industries, now is the perfect time to capture this talent for your business. To help you do this, we’re offering members a special recruitment offer on all Graduate/Junior level jobs posted until the end of August. So, why not take advantage of our highly-targeted, digital, media and tech Jobs Board with this special offer! Alongside the usual benefits …

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12 Job Hunting Tips

Recently graduated and looking for a job in the digital sector? Here’s 12 tips to steer you towards greater success in your job search. Good luck and happy hunting! Be proactive It’s alright to take a little break after graduating (after all you’ve earned it!), but don’t let those lazy days on your sofa roll into weeks. If you want to get ahead you’ll need to be proactive and not wait for opportunities to come to you. Don’t wait Want a job in web development? Practise making dummy websites in different styles. Want to write blog posts for a living? Start a …

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The FuseBox Opens the Door To Holoportation

It’s very exciting when any of our residents from The FuseBox embark on a new cutting-edge project. A few months ago, FuseBox resident and Wired Sussex member George Butler, Managing Director of Mutiny Media established a partnership with DoubleMe, a visionary company who are working on a platform for Holoportation called “Loop-space”. To provide some more context George has written an overview of the project: “In April, I organised a trip to visit Dimension Studio’s volumetric video 3D capture studio in Wimbledon and Ravensbourne University-based start-up DoubleMe. I negotiated early access to the DoubleMe and Loop-space software for use in The …

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Mastering Marketing Automation #WiredBrekkie

Recently we held a #WiredBrekkie on ‘Mastering Marketing Automation’ with insightful talks from our members and speakers Lindsey Pickles (Director and Founder of Bright Dials Digital Marketing) and Adam Lee (Director and Founder of No Pork Pies). Kicking off the morning, Lindsey gave an overview of marketing automation; the considerations to take into account and its potential benefits to your business. “What most businesses want is to be able to understand what their consumers are doing; their behaviour, what they’re interested in and their buying signals.” But in a world of information overload, where stats say we have smaller attention …

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Talent2018: Creating a Skills Manifesto For Our Digital Sector

In June 2018, Wired Sussex organised Talent2018, a three-day skills festival for the digital sector designed to support our digital, media and tech industries. It included a Skills Summit at the University of Brighton; a one-day conference that brought a hundred digital business leaders together to explore how, collectively, we can support the growth of a sustainable talent pool that benefits both our individual organisations and our digital sector. After a morning of talks which featured a series of reflections from different businesses, we ran a workshop that asked participants to consider three key questions: 1: How should businesses work …

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Being a Successful Freelancer with Rifa Thorpe-Tracey

To celebrate Nationals Freelancers Day, yesterday we ran a #WiredBrekkie on ‘Being a Successful Freelancer’ where the wonderful Rifa Thorpe-Tracey gave a talk on the subject. Kicking off the event, Rifa shared her journey, experience and advice as a freelancer. And to frame the discussion, she asked: Why are you freelancing? Is it because of freedom, more time for yourself, more money, or because you don’t want to work in an office anymore? Rifa worked with some of the most creative web agencies in London in the late 90s, early 2000s. After managing a team of 20 writers, developers and …

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Helen Kennedy introduces the World Café workshop

Helen Kennedy is Head of Media at University of Brighton. She’s an influential leader and important connecting point between the academic world and our tech and creative businesses. She is also lead research on the Refig project, with Canadian funding, aiming to instigate transformations within the games industry. Helen: Partnership is dear to the heart of Brighton University. The School of Media is only two years old. It was born out of the much bigger School of Art and Design. Not all courses are directly aligned with the challenges we’ve heard about this morning, so there is constant work to do. …

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Lunch – props to Forgotten Cuts

Lunch. We’re being fed by gluten free specialists Forgotten Cuts, regulars at Brighton’s Street Diner. They’ve done meat and vegan options served in card boxes (no plastics) over a rice salad. And it’s gorgeous.    

Panel Discussion: The Big Challenge

Claire Hopkins introduces the panel. The discussion is around pinpointing the biggest challenges to attracting, training and retaining talent in Brighton. [writer’s note: I’ve largely removed Claire from the copy but she’s asking the questions and deftly guiding the conversation] Tom Chute I’m from Pragmatic, a 55 person company in Brighton. When we hit 30 staff we realised we need to formalise HR and recruitment, so that was me. Ed HIckey I’m from Dab Apps, based here in Brighton, I’m Commercial Director. I’ve been at Dab Apps for 2-3 years and before that I grew teams at digital product firms here and internationally. I’m …

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