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West End is an international communications partner for leading global brands, with 38 years’ experience across many sectors, including healthcare, finance and other highly regulated markets. We're not huge – just 30 or so creative individuals based in Eastbourne – and we are seeking a thoroughly responsive candidate who will be both proactive and responsive to change.

We're looking for an all-rounder that can keep an eye on our network and manage the growth and traffic that our business handles. 

That's the easy bit!

Since the network will require a modest amount of time, the rest of the successful candidate's role will become even more interesting and at times challenging. A good understanding of PHP (not least since much of our internal Management information system is built upon it), and familiarity with a wealth of tools; Raspberry Pi, Unity, Augmented reality, mySQL, GitHub, IR sensors, DMX, actuators, Arduino, a soldering iron, sticky-backed plastic and much much more. We realise that this portfolio of knowledge is a tall order but through commitment and shared implementation we deliver outstanding solutions for our global clients.

You'll be working with a team – like no other! It's no wishy-washy arena – more gladiatorial amphitheatre – with a total focus on developing powerful and robust solutions – packaged in a creative and inspired way. It's not your usual creative environment (albeit we do have a few bean bags and the odd inspirational quote on the walls). It's more of a solutions factory with amazing people.
Salary will be commensurate to skill levels – but the most influential factor will be attitude and determination to see successful outcomes. A valid passport is essential as you will be expected to be travelling with other team members to a varied range of locations.

Don't apply if you think it's going to be an easy cushy little number – it's not.

But it will be a very rewarding role for the right person. If you want to see what we do take a look at our website. It's not the best – the cobbler's shoes don't get mended – but it gives you a flavour of what we are about.

Please apply in writing to:

Steve Power,
Lead, Digital Design,

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