B2B Marketing Manager

My name is Xabi and I am the Marketing Director at GENE. 

We are an ecommerce agency with a single-minded mission: Make Ecommerce Better. 

I’m looking for someone to work with me as a Marketing Manager. You will be the first full-time person in the marketing team besides me. No pressure!

We’re looking for someone who compliments my skills so that we can make a super team together.

Firstly, you are a doer and a finisher. You get satisfaction in finishing, delivering and getting stuff done. You love picking someone’s idea and making it a reality (but you also know how to tell someone if their idea isn’t good).

Secondly, you are super organised. You can build and maintain complex marketing programmes, while having good etiquette in project management, and keeping good track of documents to gain speed and efficiency.  

Thirdly, you have experience and an interest in ecommerce technology. You will either have a background in ecommerce management or marketing on the merchant side…or a background in ecommerce agency side. Or, you’re a B2B technology marketer. Or maybe something I haven’t thought, if you can persuade me about it. Either way, you must love ecommerce uncompromisingly, because that’s all we do and care about.

In terms of skills and experience, I’d especially value these areas (but you will be doing loads more than this):

  • Content, SEO and PR. You have a solid understanding of how these three disciplines come together to increase our market presence. You are able to pick keywords to target, consider our website structure, work with people to get content done, and also write. You are able to increase our backlinks through organic outreach and increase our presence in the trade press. 

  • CRM. You’ll need to manage our CRM tool (HubSpot) and stretch all the capabilities: contact management, lead-generation site mechanics, email marketing, lead source attribution and analysis. You will talk to prospects and generate contacts through various channels too. 

  • Partnerships. A big part of the job is liaising with our tech partners and keep coming up with ideas for mutual benefit. You can then keep on top of these ideas and make things happen, like co-hosted events, content pieces, webinars, etc. 

  • Event management. Remember how you’re super organised? We have a lot of super fun events planned, so I need someone who can put a good show and keep their cool at it.  

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