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Who we are

Red River is a bespoke software development company. We’re experts in technology strategy, and in the development of complex business systems to support fast-growing and fast-changing organisations.

Our aim is to help businesses realise their USP by harnessing the power of software to deliver competitive advantage.

What we do

From web platforms and SaaS applications to end-to-end ERP systems, we design and develop bespoke software on which customers run businesses or deliver services.

We're not a web design agency. Instead we specialise in complex business systems to streamline operations and drive efficiency and competitive advantage.

Who we do it for

We work with high-growth businesses, investors, funded startups and organisations undergoing rapid change.

Whether it’s replacing ageing legacy systems with forward-looking, scalable, business-critical software designed to enable rapid growth, joining up disparate point solutions to unlock siloed or hidden data, or delivering proof-of-concepts and MVPs to drive innovation and market disruption, Red River work to become a fundamental part of our clients’ growth and strategy.

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Core Activities: Software Sales, Programming, Technology Support, Consultants.
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