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Who I am

I am a primarily 2D based animator who works both digitally and traditionally. I have an enthusiasm for story and character. Outside of animation I have worked as a gag cartoonist and caricaturist. I am also the art director for Smashed Vinyl, a platform for musicians and music journalists. I am constantly looking for the next exciting opportunity, whether it be working as a cartoonist on a zine or performing as a voice actor.

What I do

I currently work freelance as a 2D animator/illustrator in Brighton. I am highly experienced across Adobe suite software. My primary focus is narrative based character animation, however I am highly open to working on any project I can believe in.

Who I do it for

I have worked as a 2D freelance animator for the animation studios King Bee and Fettle. At both of these studios, I worked on a variety of narrative based animation projects where I served as a character animator, storyboard artist and editor. Before working for these studios, I worked for the film studio Rossi Pictures as a video editor. Other companies I have worked as a freelance animator are the advertising agency Matter and Co and the Brighton based homeless charity Brighton Housing Trust.

Web Site:
Core Activities: 2D/3D Animation, Illustration.
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