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Who I am

I am a freelance photographer with 15 years experience in the industry. I am currently based in my studio in central Brighton.

I am adept in a range of lens based media but specialises in high quality Still Life photography. Through his professional and client focused approach, I create beautiful images of the highest quality, on time and on budget. Whether you require clean, detailed and distinctive product photography or contemporary images infused with creativity and passion, My extensive technical expertise and creative eye will be sure to capture the image you require.

What I do

Client satisfaction is of primary importance and has been evidenced by the long-term loyalty of my clients, many of whom have used his services for over 10 years.

Who I do it for

Throughout his career Neal has undertaken numerous photographic projects in multiple styles. His work has been commissioned and published worldwide and has attracted international acclaim.

“Freeze-motion imagery is back on trend in the advertising world.This is a great way to injecting explosive energy into still life photography.All ads aim to grab your attention but, in our over-saturated media environment, this is increasingly difficult to achieve. Brands need simple but striking imagery to stand out from the crowd.To achieve this many advertisers and agencies are using freeze motion photography; breathing life into what could otherwise be rather dry and ordinary product shots.It allows the brand to put its logo front and centre, but also lends excitement to the products themselves.”

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Core Activities: Photography, Advertising.
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