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Who I am

I have many years of experience in IT. In the past, I have been a UNIX System Administrator, an Audio Programmer in Games, a freelance Programmer, and a Web Developer. Currently, I am writing up the thesis to a PhD in blockchain technologies, which I'm doing at Sussex Uni', where I have developed distributed applications such as ReportAid (, a prototype dApp to help increase the trust of humanitarian aid reporting. The apps' frontend uses React + TypeScript + Redux, a technology toolchain I have really enjoyed using. I hope to do some more!

What I do

Longer term, I hope to bridge the gap between technology and society, by writing about the social impact of IT. Meanwhile, I'm a capable programmer who is comfortable in most tech' environments, so if you're looking for a bit of experience, do look me up!

Who I do it for

My PhD allowed me to reflect on whether there are alternatives to our current Capitalist system, replete with its inequalities. Hence, the driver for my work was a desire to find a better way of living through challenging the existing hegemony of a centralised, monopolised and hierarchical industrial economy.

The open source/digital commons movement is that challenge. They are creating a model of production that differs from market-based property regimes. Digital commoners produce value by sharing resources freely within their communities. In other words, the movement believes in the freedom to know rather than the freedom to own. Simply put, by making goods freely available, the digital commons movement create assets that, as opposed to Capitalism, are much more socially egalitarian.

Hence, if you are working in the digital commons arena, and need coders and/or copywriters to add value to your project, please get in contact.

Meanwhile, unfortunately, I exist in a Capitalist society. I need to eat and clothe my children. If you are a socially aware organisation that puts some good back into the world, I would love to hear about any projects you have that might require my skills.

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Core Activities: Programming, App Development, Systems Integration, Web Design & Development, Copywriting.
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