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The Werks Group houses a healthy community of industry talents; the individuals and companies who work here are creative, innovative, accessible and among the best in the City. Together they produce an incredible range of innovative projects, working in a wide array of areas spanning web production, design, programming, PR, marketing, usability, photography, video and sound editing architecture, craft making, games, e-learning, creating a vibrant social network of well-connected businesses. We’re proud of our spaces and the growing collective and would love to talk to you about joining us.

What we do

Serviced Office Space
Desk Space
Co-working Space
Maker spaces
Virtual Office
Meeting Rooms
Edit Suites
Recording Booth
Film/Video & Photographic Studio (replete with 6m white infinity cove, Colourama backdrops and lighting kit, green room & dressing rooms)
Sound Studio
Secret Garden

Who we do it for


Having spent two years working in the Werks Central offices we have been able to develop and grow as a company, collaborate on creative projects, and make good use of the photography studio and gallery spaces available. We couldn't have asked for a better place to start our business, and the team here have made it an easy venture.

Brighton Creatives

The Werks Group is a brilliant concept and perfectly matched to the needs of the city's vibrant and diverse business community. The flexibility of space options and short term contracts allow a young business to grow (and shrink) with the marketplace. We have done both many times since we joined in 2007. The Werks Group management team clearly understand the importance of flexibility for businesses in today's harsh financial climate and always rise to our challenges with a smile.

Michael Hammond, World Architecture News

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Core Activities: Office Space, Business Services, Film/TV/Video Production, Photography.
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