Membership of Wired Sussex helps you benefit from being a part of one the UK’s largest and fastest growing digital media networks. You’ll be joining 2237 other companies and freelancers working in virtual worlds, web design and development, animation, illustration, digital marketing and search, social media, games development, branding, design and copywriting, TV production, mobile development, digital music and e-learning.

Membership costs just £49 per year + VAT and ensures that you benefit from the services and support that Wired Sussex provides, and helps us to continue helping you create the most exciting digital and media cluster in the UK

6 Reasons Why You Should Join Wired Sussex

Whether you are a freelancer, a media company, or a supplier to the media sector, there are real advantages to Wired Sussex Membership:

  1. 1. Be part of the network. Being linked to other Wired Sussex Members can be great for your business. You can find out about the latest ideas and innovations, about funding and joint working opportunities, about office space or just hear what other Members are up to

  2. 2. Win more work. Many Member companies get direct leads and business referrals through being part of our Member Directory.

  3. 3. Get the right staff. Our Jobs Board is the best way to find the talent that you need to grow your business.

  4. 4. Have a stronger voice. Wired Sussex works closely with, local councils, government, the education sector and other key institutions – helping digital media have a stronger, more effective voice. The more Member companies Wired Sussex has, the more we are able to lobby effectively on your behalf.

  5. 5. Be the first to hear what work is available. The Wired Sussex Projects Board provides member companies and freelancers with immediate information about new job and project opportunities.

  6. 6. Take advantage of a wide range of opportunities to support and grow your business.

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Feedback from our Members...

"We signed up because we wanted to have an enhanced listing in the directory and also because we wanted to be a part of the community of web agencies in Brighton."
Melanie Burke, Electric Putty

"PPL was able to get good networking relations in the local area through Wired Sussex. The Wired Sussex events and website provides us with a good insight of our local business community. "
Alfonso Vial, Pathfinder Projects Ltd.

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