Air Charter Animations

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Closing date: 06/04/2018

Location: Gatwick

Project Description: I am looking for an animator to produce a 2-minute long explainer video for our prestigious Air Charter company. The animation must demonstrate the convenience of Private Jet Charter in comparison to regular scheduled commercial flights.

Here are the typical journeys for each:

Travel to airport and arrive two hours before departure
After queuing, check in and luggage drop off
Queue for security checks
Wait for boarding call
Wait for all passengers to board
Fly with irritating strangers
Land at airport
Queue for arrivals and immigration
Long transfer to destination

Travel to local airport and arrive 15 minutes before convenient departure time
Have passports checked and meet concierge
No security necessary for light-jet flights
Escorted to aircraft with luggage
Fly with people you know
Land at an airport close to your final destination
Passports checked by airport attendant
Short transfer to destination
Budget: £1,000

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Project added: 05/03/2018

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