Current Projects

Digital Catapult Centre Brighton

The Digital Catapult Centre Brighton is collaborative R&D lab which will run a series of projects which focus specifically on encouraging the creation of innovation and value from real-time and location-based data, known as the Internet of Place.

The centre will be tasked with delivering on a range of innovative projects, designed to be accessible to start-ups and SMEs to use and learn from.

Brighton Fuse

Brighton Fuse was a 2-year research and development project which mapped, measured and assisted Brighton's creative, digital and IT (CDIT) cluster. The findings have been discussed by Government, featured in the Financial Times and presented at industry conferences. Brighton Fuse was delivered in partnership with NCUB and the Universities of Brighton and Sussex, and funded by AHRC.
A second phase of the research is currently underway focusing on freelancers in the sector. The research is running throughout summer 2014.

Brighton Digital Festival

Brighton Digital Festival is a month-long celebration of digital culture which runs throughout September. The festival provides an exciting platform for a community-led programme produced by a network of organisations from the arts and digital communities, alongside individuals who are passionate about digital culture. Brighton Digital is run by a consortium of organisations from cross the sector, of which Wired Sussex is a founder member.

Intern Placement Programme

The Intern Placement Programme delivers valuable experience to interns and real benefits to companies. The scheme serves to help businesses access skilled jobseekers who lack the relevant work history to get on the career ladder, yet can still add real value to their company. This programme is funded by the Regional Growth Fund.

The FuseBox

The FuseBox (our home) is a support hub for the creative and digital industries. It is part of a larger EU interreg project called ReCreate which supports and connects creative industry clusters in South East England and Northern France.


The FuseBox24 programme provides 24 weeks of radical start-up support for committed innovators from across the creative, digital and IT sector.

Brighton Digital Exchange

The Digital Exchange is a new cooperative approach to the bulk buying of broadband capacity. We are looking to establish the exchange in New England House, in Brighton. The digital exchange will enable businesses to access broadband with the speed and capacity they need.

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