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  • A New Post

    Hello Sussex! I am really pleased to have been appointed as the new Community Manager at Wired Sussex. The post was created to drive our links with the digital community forward, I am available full time to support and advise all our members. If you have


    Posted on 2nd September, 2009

  • BBC - briefs for their radio websites

    Went to a BBC event recently where they were spelling out some of their online requirements for the coming 12 months. Of particular interest (and top marks for clarity) was the presentation by Chris Kimber who handles the web side of the Beeb’s music and


    Posted on 26th August, 2009

  • The Sussex Internship Programme - Final Stage

    The first round of The Sussex Internship Programme is now in the final stage, with the shortlist of the top applicants with each of the participating companies who are now reviewing the CVs, and we are starting to arrange interviews.It has been no mean feat


    Posted on 26th August, 2009

  • Want a career in media? Apply for an internship today

    Applications for the Sussex Internships Programme go live today, Wednesday 1 July 2009 - so you can apply online for one of 40 current work placements in some of the most exciting games, web, mobile, software, animation, TV, music, film and advertising


    Posted on 1st July, 2009

  • Digital City Conference in Paris - Feedback

    Well, that was a pretty cool conference and not really what i expected. 60 invited participants including a hollywood producer, philospohy professor from sorbonne, head of public art for Canada, head of transport policy for Amsterdam, head of school of


    Posted on 8th June, 2009

  • Digital City: The Future is Unwritten...

    Hi, Further to Jo's post below, if you didn't catch the piece in the Argus yesterday, you can see it here. Thanks for the emails, but better maybe to post them as comments so that we can have collective conversation. So, some very broad issues i was thinking


    Posted on 3rd June, 2009