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  • Telling Brighton’s story to the world: A mini marketing hackathon.

    How do you talk about why you are a Brighton business to those you meet overseas? Wired Sussex is working with UKTI, Brighton Economic Partnership, Brighton & Hove Council and others to develop a more effective inward investment strategy for the city. Inward


    Posted on 2nd May, 2012

  • Why the future of e-learning should be mobile

    Introducing guest blogger Clare Hardman, most recent  winner of the University of Sussex's Postgraduate Certificate in E-Learning Design course's Best Student award, which we're very proud to sponsor.  Some thoughts from her on the future of e-learning...


    Posted on 6th March, 2012

  • CityCamp Brighton 2

    Anthony Zacharzewski, director at The Democratic Society (demsoc), on how CityCamp is building on its first year’s success: Hack your way to a better Brighton and £20,000 Digital businesses, designers, technologists and creative thinkers who want to make


    Posted on 16th February, 2012

  • Let Brighton bid - Jeremy Hunt says ...No

    Jeremy Hunt has rejected the Let Brighton Bid's argument that Brighton should be included in the bidding process for government funds to deliver ultra fast broadband (see letter to Caroline Lucas below). This battle may be lost, but the fight goes


    Posted on 19th January, 2012

  • Why Wired Sussex supports the Brighton TV bid

    Just thought it would be worth posting the statement of support Wired Sussex delivered in favour of the bid as it outlines what we believe are some of the key opportunities that Brighton TV could deliver to the city:“Wired Sussex is an active supporter of


    Posted on 14th December, 2011

  • Smartphones for Schools: How you could help students in a local school with your old phone

    This month we're really pleased to announce both a new guest blog from Vivid Interactive's Mick Landmann and the launch of a project we're all excited about here at Wired Sussex -  the repurposing of old smartphones to help local schools.  Here's Mick with


    Posted on 10th November, 2011

  • CityForum Brighton & Hove

    Anthony Zacharzewski, Governor at @demsoc , tells us about his organisation's upcoming B&H CityForum event.CityForum Brighton & Hove, which takes place on Wednesday at the Sallis Benney Theatre on Grand Parade, is the first in a series of participation


    Posted on 30th September, 2011

  • Brighton proudly shows off its Digital Marketing expertise

    Pure360 excelled themselves on Thursday as organisers of Brighton’s first ever Brighton Digital Marketing Festival (BDMF), part of this month’s Digital Festival.  Showing off an impressive list of speakers, BDMF got our marketing brains sparking from the


    Posted on 14th September, 2011