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  • How I Made It: From Luminous Socks to Pioneering Digital Marketing, with Seth Richardson of DC Storm

    Introducing the ‘How I made it’ series of interviews for Wired Sussex by Steve Penfold. This series will chart the highs and lows of successful tech startup founders in Brighton and beyond to help inspire others to take the plunge. DC Storm helps marketers


    Posted on 21st June, 2011

  • Proper quality internships are good for the sector and for the interns

    So much of our local graduate talent ends up in a call centre working for a low wage in a field completely unrelated to their degree, career goals and interests. They fall into the ‘can’t get experience without a job / can’t get a job without the experience’


    Posted on 31st May, 2011

  • Innovation From Below: One Digital priorities in 2011

    Last week in Manchester I attended the steering group of the One Digital Alliance ( In case you don’t know, One Digital comprises four independent support organisations like Wired Sussex covering Brighton (that’s us) Bristol, Manchester


    Posted on 16th May, 2011

  • Brighton Fuse: a Unique Project for a Unique City

    Brighton Fuse is a 2-year, million pound project aimed at supporting and enhancing the connections between artists and creative practioners in the city and the digital, media and technology cluster.In the past there has been a bit of a tendency towards a


    Posted on 28th March, 2011

  • Monthly Web Round-up : September

    September saw another rise in visitors to the Wired Sussex website with over 43,000 visits from over 18,000 unique visitors. This month I’ll look into some of the stats around those visitors and will also focus on the Member Directory. As usual we'll start


    Posted on 14th October, 2010

  • UX Brighton 2010

    Earlier this week I attended Brighton’s first ever usability conference, UX Brighton. The event was described as “giving wide exposure to some of the most recent captivating and provocative ideas on User Experience from all over the UK and Europe” and it


    Posted on 16th September, 2010

  • Monthly Web Round-up : August

    The stats show August kept up the trend for the site getting over 40,000 visits during the month. We had around 17,500 unique visitors during what is traditionally a quiet time for the website. As usual we'll start with a few headline figures for the


    Posted on 3rd September, 2010

  • Is It Like David and Goliath?

    Over the past few months on various blogs that I follow and LinkedIn groups that I am a part of there has been much discussion regarding job boards and the need for them to innovate or die. There has been a feeling in the recruitment sector that the national


    Posted on 2nd September, 2010