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  • Improving the Wired Sussex website

    The Wired Sussex website is a unique and valuable resource – but we know it could be better! Over the last few months we’ve been looking to revamp the entire site and are starting from square one by hiring a company to carry out a full audit of the current


    Posted on 9th June, 2014

  • Onwards and Upwards; the next year for Wired Sussex

    Following on from our end of year roundup, here’s a quick overview to some of the projects, initiatives and events we’ve got planned for 2014 and how you can benefit. FuseBox24 ; a new programme for innovators Last year we opened the FuseBox; a collaborative


    Posted on 4th February, 2014

  • This year at Wired Sussex…

    As 2013 starts to disappear over the horizon, we thought it might be worth briefly reflecting on some of the things that we have been up to this year. So here it is, the Wired Sussex top ten of 2013: 1. New members - 2013 saw 437 new members join the Wired


    Posted on 11th December, 2013

  • We're building a Library

    When people visit The FuseBox we invite them to bring a book and leave it here for others to read. Our space is about sharing ideas and we hope this is one way to achieve that goal. Here are some of the books that people have left, who has left them and


    Posted on 25th June, 2013

  • Article imagery

    The Brighton ‘Digiscape’ – Are you on it?

    This month we have a guest blog post for you courtesy of Steve Penfold at Smart Digital Business, who has put together this fantastic map of the digital sector in Brighton using data from our Directory of Members.  So without further ado it's over to


    Posted on 14th May, 2013

  • Last year at Wired Sussex…

    The New Year is a time to take stock and reflect on the year gone by, so with that in mind, I’d like to take a moment to look at Wired Sussex; some of the work we've undertaken and what we have achieved together in the last 12 months. So without further ado


    Posted on 8th January, 2013