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    Talent Talks: Elucidat

    As part of our ongoing Talent Talks series where we speak to member companies who are currently advertising on our Jobs Board, we caught up with some of the team at Elucidat, an award-winning Learning Technology company based in Brighton which has quickly


    Posted on 20th December, 2018

  • Why Christmas Is a Great Time to Recruit (Especially With Our Special Offer)

    With the holiday season just around the corner, many businesses feel it’s time to put their recruitment plans on hold. However, there are some good reasons to advertise over the Christmas period and we get to help our members recruit successfully as a


    Posted on 29th November, 2018

  • Have You Considered Hiring an Apprentice?

    Brighton and Hove’s digital and creative economy is now worth more than £1 billion to the city each year and the driving force behind our city’s economy. To support this growth, we need a large, highly skilled workforce and a pipeline of talent coming from


    Posted on 8th November, 2018

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    5 Simple Tips to Improve Your Directory Listing

    As the member services coordinator for Wired Sussex, I’m often asked how you can get the most out of a listing on our directory pages. You see, one of the many benefits of joining Wired Sussex is that you’ll be added to our growing directory of over 2000


    Posted on 30th October, 2018

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    Talent Talks: A Chat With Make Real

    As part of our ongoing Talent Talks series, we caught up with some of the team at Make Real to take a look behind-the-scenes to find out what they look for when recruiting new staff. They’re currently growing their development team and are looking for some


    Posted on 11th October, 2018

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    Save Money on Your Recruitment

    If you need more staff, now is the perfect time to get recruiting! To support our members in their recruitment efforts, we have created bulk packages to save you money on your recruitment costs, whilst providing even more extra exposure around roles.


    Posted on 3rd October, 2018

  • Are Your Job Adverts Gender Biased?

    Part of my role here at Wired Sussex is speaking to members and giving advice and support around their recruitment. A common trend I have noticed recently is questions concerning accidental gender bias when writing a job advertisement. With that in mind; I


    Posted on 21st September, 2018

  • The Key to Attracting and Retaining Junior Talent

    Whilst qualifications, job responsibilities and an overview of the company are still important factors in job adverts, they don’t necessarily give the in-depth perspective of what really motivates them. Companies need to re-think their marketing strategies


    Posted on 1st August, 2018