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    The Digital, Media & Tech Jobs Fair: the lowdown.

    Friday 6th June saw the biggest sector-specific jobs fair that Brighton (and possibly the UK!) has seen.   The Digital, Media & Tech Jobs Fair saw over 1200 people through the door; 35 exhibiting companies all with at least one job on our Jobs Board; a series


    Posted on 13th June, 2014

  • Improving the Wired Sussex website

    The Wired Sussex website is a unique and valuable resource – but we know it could be better! Over the last few months we’ve been looking to revamp the entire site and are starting from square one by hiring a company to carry out a full audit of the current


    Posted on 9th June, 2014

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    3DFridays at the Fusebox

    We are 3Dify, a small tech start up based in the effervescent digital hub that is the Fusebox. We're surrounded by a new wave of Brighton start ups and the fantastic Wired Sussex team. It is a space that is inspiring creative ventures and adventurers. Our


    Posted on 21st May, 2014

  • My internship (a PR perspective) It feels weird writing about myself now...

    Written by John Bannister, PR Executive Intern at Fugu PR, as part of the Wired Sussex, Intern Placement Programme.  What is public relations? You'd think that, five weeks in, I would have an answer. But no. No idea at all. I do have answers to these two


    Posted on 20th May, 2014

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    The Digital, Media and Tech Jobs Fair: Sometimes, the best things in life are free

    We are giving our recruiting members the opportunity to exhibit free of charge at our upcoming jobs fair, and here's why it is very much worth your while. Our sector needs a near-constant influx of highly, and specifically, skilled people to keep it moving


    Posted on 30th April, 2014

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    5 Reasons Why You Should Come To The Next Wired Sussex Members’ Meetup

    Wired Sussex Members’ Meetups are quarterly informal networking events that we run exclusively for our members. Over 100 people on average attend these events, from freelancers to business owners and employees of member companies too. Coming along to meetups


    Posted on 2nd April, 2014

  • Brighton Digital Festival 2014/15: What Our Bid to Arts Council England Said...

    The last three years of Brighton Digital Festival (BDF) has seen it expand and mature significantly. It has experienced considerable growth in terms of the number of events, exhibitions and conferences, as well as an impressive increase in those engaging with


    Posted on 5th March, 2014

  • Being a Successful Freelancer

    With 428 Wired Sussex members registered as freelance, we run biannual breakfast workshops on ‘Being a Successful Freelancer’, with the aim of helping our freelance members to stay on top of their game. Yesterday we held the first of 2014, with a really


    Posted on 28th February, 2014