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  • Au’Guest’ Blog post – Brighton Digital Festival creates careers opportunities too!

    Written by Kelly Alyse, PR intern for Fugu PR, as part of the Wired Sussex guest blog month I’ve always been quite proactive when it comes to looking for work experience and jobs. If I’m bored you can guarantee I’m looking at jobs (or pictures of Ryan


    Posted on 29th August, 2012

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    Au’Guest’ Blog post – Young Rewired State 2012

    Written by Emma O'Sullivan, as part of the Wired Sussex guest blog month I spent last week running the Brighton outpost of Young Rewired State - a nationwide hackweek for young people, where under-19-year-olds have four days to put together a digital product


    Posted on 21st August, 2012

  • Au’Guest’ Blog post – Words from joint University of Brighton winner of the Wired Sussex prize for 'best final year digital media project'

    Written by Danny Daley, one of the student winners of the Wired Sussex prize for 'best final year digital media project' as part of the Wired Sussex guest blog month Danny on the left alongside his 'business brother' How I came to be part of the


    Posted on 6th August, 2012

  • Why employers should always advertise salaries

    Our Wired Sussex members often ask me to give them tips on how to put together the best possible job descriptions and I’m more than happy to help, but what they don’t often realise is just how crucial it is to display the salary. More often than not employers


    Posted on 17th July, 2012

  • Is It Like David and Goliath?

    Over the past few months on various blogs that I follow and LinkedIn groups that I am a part of there has been much discussion regarding job boards and the need for them to innovate or die. There has been a feeling in the recruitment sector that the national


    Posted on 2nd September, 2010

  • No Agencies? But I have the Perfect Candidate for You?

    For those of you that follow the Wired Sussex Twitter feed you will be aware that earlier this week we asked this question:"We get a lot of jobs posted where people stress no agencies - what is it that Sussex media companies don't like about recruiters?"The


    Posted on 5th August, 2010

  • May Recruitment Round-up

    May has continued the strong showing we had in April on our jobs board, peaking at 89 jobs towards the end of last week. I think it can be used as a yardstick for the confidence that is being felt across the industry as a whole in Sussex. In particular we


    Posted on 2nd June, 2010

  • Monthly Recruitment Round-up

    With the 1st month of the new financial year already over and summer (hopefully) on its way we thought it would be good to look back over last month and what has been happening on the job front here in SussexIn 2010 the Wired Sussex Jobs Board has seen a


    Posted on 6th May, 2010