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    Skills and Talent Manifesto: What’s Happened So Far

    At our Talent Festival in June, we unveiled our Skills and Talent Manifesto, a collective pledge to make Greater Brighton the best place in the UK for anyone to have a career in digital. Here's what's happened so far...


    Posted on 11th September, 2019

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    Companies: Understanding Our New Jobs Site

    Alongside our main website, we are delighted to present a brand new dedicated Jobs site! Here are just some of the things you can do on the new site, and also how to make the most of it.


    Posted on 26th August, 2019

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    How to Craft the Perfect Job Advert

    Here's our top tips (and the pitfalls to avoid!) when putting together your next job advert.


    Posted on 13th August, 2019

  • Why Christmas Is a Great Time to Recruit (Especially With Our Special Offer)

    With the holiday season just around the corner, many businesses feel it’s time to put their recruitment plans on hold. However, there are some good reasons to advertise over the Christmas period and we get to help our members recruit successfully as a


    Posted on 29th November, 2018

  • Are Your Job Adverts Gender Biased?

    Part of my role here at Wired Sussex is speaking to members and giving advice and support around their recruitment. A common trend I have noticed recently is questions concerning accidental gender bias when writing a job advertisement. With that in mind; I


    Posted on 21st September, 2018

  • The Key to Attracting and Retaining Junior Talent

    Whilst qualifications, job responsibilities and an overview of the company are still important factors in job adverts, they don’t necessarily give the in-depth perspective of what really motivates them. Companies need to re-think their marketing strategies


    Posted on 1st August, 2018

  • Recruitment Offer for All Graduate/Junior Job Adverts!

    Employing graduates can be hugely rewarding as they represent some of the brightest and best educated talent on the employment market. With students across Sussex having just finished University and getting ready to kick-start their career in the digital,


    Posted on 30th July, 2018

  • Talent2018: Creating a Skills Manifesto For Our Digital Sector

    How we're creating a Manifesto that will help us articulate, together, what we believe and what we intend to do to ensure we make our cluster the best in the UK for attracting and nurturing the talented individuals who will help us prosper.


    Posted on 10th July, 2018