Skills Summit set-up

Good morning, welcome to the Talent 2018 Skills Summit conference live blog, hosted by Wired Sussex for our members. [cue wrestling announcer voice…] It’s 9:10am on Wednesday 6th June, 2018. I’m Chris and I’m here stage-side (well, down the back of the hall) at Brighton University’s Sallis Benney Theatre, ready to cover the Skills Summit as it all unfolds, for the Wired Sussex blog.

Ooh, someone’s saying “two, two, two” over the speaker system. I love it when non music people do soundchecks, it’s so sweet.

Anyway, I’ll write up each of today’s talks with individual entries as they happen – and I’ll try to give you as much of a flavour of the day as possible. I’ll be aiming for speed and to convey a sense of spontaneity, so I won’t be worrying too much about grammatical errors and such – I certainly won’t be going back to edit my entries afterwards, so apologies in advance if some bad writing sneaks in here and there.

Doors open in 5 minutes, with some time for everyone to get comfortable, do a bit of informal networking, then the official welcome is at 10am. Meanwhile there’s pastries waiting in the café, so let me grab a black coffee and some form of breakfast edible and we’ll kick off in a bit.

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