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Digital City: The Future is Unwritten...

Hi, Further to Jo's post below, if you didn't catch the piece in the Argus yesterday, you can see it here.

Thanks for the emails, but better maybe to post them as comments so that we can have collective conversation.

So, some very broad issues i was thinking it would be interested to consider in the context of Brighton:

  • How to deal with challenge of greater access to information leading to more individual data control
  • How to create social digital networks that deliver socially-responsible communities
  • How to develop e-government tools that really facilitate democratic participation
  • How to make sure that the increase of visual culture doesn't impact on literacy
  • Can we make sure our digital city human centred/personally driven/social media not system driven?
  • Can we use digital to encourage risk taking/more individual choice/more freedom rather than more precautions/security/control?
  • Is it intelligent components or intelligent environments?
  • Fuel efficient cars or fuel efficient cities?
  • does the digital city mean new dimensions of transport or improved existing transport?
  • Can we stop the increasing use of online driven services (banks, government, health services etc.) from becoming digital divide ?
  • Is it culturally fragmented city (globalisation) or online services 'one size fits all' (localisation)?

If anyone can let me know where such converstaions are already taking place then that would be cool.

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