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BBC - briefs for their radio websites

Went to a BBC event recently where they were spelling out some of their online requirements for the coming 12 months. Of particular interest (and top marks for clarity) was the presentation by Chris Kimber who handles the web side of the Beeb’s music and radio output.

Chris started off with a bit of hyperbole (“we are aiming to reinvent radio for a new generation”), but got better when he talked about detail.

For the Radio 4 website he is looking to really build a select number of the core programme brands online. These being: The Archers, In Our Time, You and Yours, Front Row and Woman’s Hour. Radio 4 aficionados are nodding in recognition, the rest look on blankly. So he is looking for interesting online content ideas from web companies that can develop these programme brands online.

For Radio 2, they want to use the website to encourage those in their audience (older, non digi natives presumably) who are not confident or proficient online to get used to the web. So he is looking for ideas that are extremely accessible, unthreatening and familiar to that audience. The example he gave which has already been commissioned from a (non BBC) web company is the Ken Burn’s Popmaster Quiz, based on the Radio 2 DJ.

For Radio 1, he mentioned that he is surprised how popular the Radio 1 chart show continues to be, ratings-wise, and so is looking for new interesting ways to use the chart data online on the Radio 1 site.

If any of those areas sound like ones where you think your company could pitch an idea to the BBC, then suggest you contact Chris direct. But remember, you need a decent trading and track record to nail any contracts with the BBC, so if you have the idea but not the company, then hook up with a partner who does.
If you need more info, drop me a line.

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