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A New Post

Hello Sussex! I am really pleased to have been appointed as the new Community Manager at Wired Sussex.

The post was created to drive our links with the digital community forward, I am available full time to support and advise all our members. If you have questions about growing and developing your business, from providing information about The Sussex Internship programme, which gives recent graduates a chance to gain real world experience with digital agencies through to finding the perfect office space near you, I’m here to help.

Over the next month or so I will be organising a series of local meet ups to introduce myself, explain more about Wired Sussex, what events are coming up over the next 3 to 6 months and what we will be doing to promote the digital industry in Sussex as a whole. I’m also keen to explore areas for development and would love to hear your views on ways that we can be of more help to you.

Having worked with several local leading agencies, I have firsthand knowledge of the high calibre of work carried out in the area. I am really proud to be part of our digital community and I’m looking forward to being a vocal advocate for our region.

Please feel free to get in touch.

01273 692888 or 07786 622388

And if you’re passing the office you’re welcome to pop in, I make a mean brew.

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Phil Jones

Hi, I'm the Director of Innovation and Projects at Wired Sussex, I deliver our portfolio of regional creative technology projects and support our innovation hub, the FuseBox.

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