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The analytics of internships

Now that all the internships on the Sussex Internship Programme have been filled I thought I’d share some of the stats from the first round of applications.

I’d like to offer my congratulations to the interns who were successful in gaining placements It was a really competitive process with over 550 applications and less than 40 available internships available there was, unfortunately, always going to be a lot of people who missed out. For those who didn’t get an internship (and anyone else with an interest in working in Digital Media) we’re running a Skills and Training event on November 12th at the Corn Exchange so come along to that if you’re looking for careers advice and assistance.

We’ve run internship programmes in the past but this is the first one with its own dedicated website – designed by Devour and developed by TGSi. It’s also the first time we’ve had a full online application process so we’ve now got a much better idea of how people applied for the roles.

The internships were advertised on the website from the 1st of July to the 1st of August and during the month the site received just over 7,000 visits.

By the end of the month we received a total of 562 applications from recent graduates. Looking at these applications it was good to see a fairly even gender split of the applicants (49% female, 51% male).

We had a surge of applications towards the deadline with 145 applications received on the last day! We even received a few applications at 11.50pm, just before the midnight deadline! Though we were very pleased with these last minute additions I’d encourage people applying for internships in the next round to not leave it quite so late, there’s no prize for who can get closest to the deadline!

I’m making a few changes to the site to get it ready for the next lot of internships. These will go live at the start of December and I’m hoping for even more applications for this second round...

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