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An Interns Point of View: Matthew Moore @ Qube Media

We have invited 3 of the interns from the Sussex Internship Programme to be guest bloggers about their experiences throughout the 30 days of their internships.

Matthew Moore: Intern @ Qube Media

Hi there! This is Matthew and I am one of the lucky interns working in digital media thanks to the Sussex Internship Programme. I am currently interning at Qube media who specialise in social media. You may be asking what social media is - in layman’s terms, social media is how brands and consumers connect. Today with the advent of online communication, the opportunities for these connections are endless. Qube specialises in helping their clients get the most out of social media, be it for research or to help solve a business problem.

So far my time with Qube has been brief, as instead of the usual 6 weeks that other internships entail, I am going to be there for 12 but part-time. This should give me a greater breadth of experience and allow me to work on more projects. Suffice to say I have enjoyed my time so far and look forward to getting to know the ‘Qubites’ a bit better.

So what have I learnt so far? Under the guidance of Tom (one of last year's interns and a pretty good mentor) I have been learning the basics of community mapping. This process involves finding where your target consumers are spending their time with social media, like where they’re chatting on forums, or where they’re hanging out on Facebook. With this information it is much easier to target consumers through social media. I was not entirely successful, in finding where my target was going (the ‘Power mum’) but hope to learn from my mistakes in the future.

I hope that the next time you hear from me I’ll have a little more to say about what I’ve been up to. Other than that I would like to thank Wired Sussex for this opportunity, as I’m certain the experiences I have will be invaluable. As for anyone thinking about applying, just do it!

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