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An Interns Point of View: David Howard @ Eurogamer

We have invited 3 of the interns from the Sussex Internship Programme to be guest bloggers about their experiences throughout the 30 days of their internships.

David Howard @ Eurogamer

The morning was young; the air was still. Light squeezed its way through the tiny gap in the window, creating blinding rays down into the room. A creature lay dormant, unaware of what was to come. As time slowly ticked away he began to leave the subconscious dream, drifting in and out of a dozen state after an eternity of slumber. Then it arrived; a thunderous crash followed by another, and another, until a hand came crashing down to silence it. Shortly though, another scream was unleashed, over and over again. Finally, he was awake. With one hand he raised up the source of the noise, using the other as a visor to shield his freshly opened eyes from the blinding beam. The time read 08:37; unsure what to do at such a time the creature let out some kind of growl before stretching his muscles as far as they could manage. His muscles ached as he rose from his crib, not used to such an early rise; his grogginess was noticeable as he stuttered to the bathroom. What emerged however was a being with great ambition and excitement at the coming weeks. The creature was me.

Enough of the over edited literature now and onto the blog. The opening paragraph was just like my first week at Eurogamer, not the sleepy bit of course, but a chance to flex my creativity. Having struggled to initially enter the building due to a buzzer malfunction I was welcomed by Martin who I regard as my mentor in the design world at least - I’m sure to see a role reversal during some bouts of FIFA. Without laboriously depicting each and every task that I have engaged with so far, I will do so quickly. The majority of my time has been split between two projects; there’s the day-to-day ad campaigns that need designing and creating, and then a long term project which is as much as I can say about it. Both of which have allowed a huge influx of creative to flow, with the use of premade assets making things that tad easier.

Martin the Designer, as he shall be known, has made my transition into Eurogamer not only extremely easy, but also incredibly enjoyable so I wish to thank him for that – it’ll also act as a measure to see if he actually reads this. As with any new place, there is an array of people who already know each other’s names and roles, so when I waltzed in – not literally of course – they only had one name to memorize. After a few days though, I knew most of the staff and roughly what cog they are in the Eurogamer engine. The staff are a wicked bunch and seem a relatively close knit, with plenty of laughter and banter being thrown about during the day keeping a positive atmosphere at all times. In the odd occasion that either Martin can’t find his disc or I’m cursing 3ds Max for its stupidity, someone will unleash an absolute corker of a joke to sort everything out. Now I may be oversimplifying a tad here but it’s how I picture it in my head.

As time progresses I’m sure I’ll have more to report on the project front, but with the majority of my time being spent on ‘The Project’ I’ve don’t have that much to detail. My experience so far has been one of enjoyment from playing FIFA 10, trying out some new titles or nipping to Nando’s for lunch with the Eurogamer crew, satisfaction at producing some work that I’m proud and settling into the role, and excitement at what is still to come

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Hi, I'm the Director of Innovation and Projects at Wired Sussex, I deliver our portfolio of regional creative technology projects and support our innovation hub, the FuseBox.

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