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An Interns Point of View: Chris Dunne @ iCrossing

We have invited 3 of the interns from the Sussex Internship Programme to be guest bloggers about their experiences throughout the 30 days of their internships.

"Famous bass players" or "The 80% true events of my first week at iCrossing"

Day one:
My introduction to iCrossing is an exciting one with a workplace crammed with lifts, free fruit and celebrity contacts. Indeed, the bass player from a popular ‘80s Ant-themed band now works for a client of iCrossing. This strikes an immediate chord with me and reminds me of my own incredible celebrity link - the bass player from Right Said Fred went to my secondary school.

My task for the first day is to make changes to a widget design for Next. After a punishing day of graphic design my dreams are fraught with images of Photoshop’s pen tool slicing indiscriminately, but seamlessly.

Day two:
Today I am tasked with mocking up potential changes to Marks & Spencers’ website. I blaze through the designs and at lunch stand in Marks and Spencers watching all the people go by, clueless to the power I now hold over them. I begin to laugh to myself, quietly at first, but soon the food aisle echoes with my mirth. I am escorted from the premises.

Day three:
I begin reworking the iCrossing staff handbook to inject some web 2.0 into the old boy.

Day four:
Today I am banished from the office. I flee to London and seek refuge in an old theatre which, it turns out, is hosting the iDesign 2009 conference. I make extensive notes on exciting new technologies, most of which seem to involve projectors in some way, in order to win my way back into the heart of iCrossing HQ.

Day five:
Huzzah! I’m back in and raring to go. My most intense challenge today is buying beers to bring back to the office without being ID'd. And I very nearly succeed.

End transmission

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