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An Interns Point of View, Part 2 - David Howard @ Eurogamer

We have invited 3 of the interns from the Sussex Internship Programme to be guest bloggers about their experiences throughout the 30 days of their internships.

David Howard @ Eurogamer

Well it's that time again I suppose. Another exciting insight into an edited version of my world and my activities on my Internship. Last week I tried to inform you all as best I could about my then brief time at Eurogamer and how I was finding it. Today however, is a different matter. A vast variety of different occurrences have, well, occurred. To both tease your appetite and also ensure that I don't misplace a thought and forget something, expect to read about some of the projects I've been working on, the guys at Eurogamer, the training days for Wired Sussex, drinking with Wired Sussex and meeting the fantastic group of interns.

Okay, so let's begin with some of the tasks that I've been working on. My main, long running project is coming along nicely and entering the final stages of it's development now. So far I'm suitably pleased with it and hope that the final output looks as good as I expect it to in my head. There will be a lot of rendering involved when it's outputted however, so it may be a while yet. Other than that, I've been working on several takeover pieces (which are the backgrounds for the site), with my first one going live last week and my second skin has since gone live over at VG247. Several others have either been completed or are just awaiting feedback and should go live over the coming weeks.

I sat in on my first tech meeting last Monday, lead by Lead Developer Mark, which was filled with a lot of developer jargon which I managed to follow most of. Aside from work related tasks, a portion of my time has been well spent at defeating the vast majority of staff at FIFA 10. Whether it's against mentor Martin with his obsession with hacking my players down in the box, against Editor Tom with his hilarious self-commentary, or against Managing Director Rupert and his cool and calm approach, it's always a great laugh; and if it's not sheparding a virtual leather ball around, it's singing famous movie tunes using just the name of that film. Now I'm sure that doesn't sound fantastic, but just try singing the tune of Star Wars using just the words 'star wars'. Also, having just put the finishing touches to the in-house Eurogamer Tournament that I've organised will surely see more cheers and tears as the staff battle it out to become King of the Office.

There were two training days put on by Wired Sussex last week for all of us interns. Over the two days we sat through talks on Presentation Skills, Networking, Project Management and Writing Skills. With a varied approach to all of the presentations, with the inclusion of a game of Family Fortunes, it was a beneficial day in terms of knowledge and better than I was anticipating. The best thing about the two days was certainly meeting, for the first time, Nick in person and all of the other Interns. Meeting a variety of people from multiple backgrounds but all in the same situation felt like the first few days of University again and I personally love meeting new people and 'networking'. After the success and enjoyment of the trip to the Black Lion, we have arranged another one off our own backs for this Friday.

I'll call this a day for now, although expect to here from me again shortly as I 'think' I'll have some awesome news to pass on.

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