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An Interns Point of View, Part 2 - Matthew Moore @ Qube

We have invited 3 of the interns from the Sussex Internship Programme to be guest bloggers about their experiences throughout the 30 days of their internships

Hello again. Matthew from Qube here. As you may recall in my last post I hadn't had much time here, two and half days to be specific. However now I'm in my fourth week I hope to give a little more insight into the wonderful world of Qube.

Last week I went a stage further from community mapping onto consumer outreach on a current project Qube are handling. A competition is being run to coincide with the launch of the new Connexions website which was developed by and is now being promoted by Qube. It's a local competition seeking out young artists and designers called Mydentity. The winners will have a chance to work with a professional illustrator and one lucky person's design will be applied to the new Connexions website. My job has been to seek out potential entrants online and raise awareness of the contest. Now via this blog my readers are aware, bask in the power of social media! Working here has made me fully realise social media's potential - talking to young people around Sussex and hearing their enthusiasm has been an enlightening experience. Creating a dialogue is far more encouraging than bombarding people with information. One thing I know that Qube will teach me is how to use social media tools creatively.

As you probably know from David's blog post we had two days of intern training. I won't detail the program as he already has, but I will repeat that it was great to meet everyone else on the program. I must also commend Wired Sussex for choosing Bill's for the catering as the food was fantastic (especially the brownies). All in all the four presentations were better than expected and taught me a lot as my Psychology degree contained little in the way of business skills.

Finally I'll talk about the end of last week, where I was very lucky to get a last minute invite to the Brighton and Hove Business Awards (or BAHBAs). I may not have flexed my networking skills as much as I should have, but it was great to see the vibrancy of Brighton's business community all packed into one room. Unfortunately Qube didn't win, but it didn't damper our fun. I retain most of my memories of the night, though I don't think everyone else can say the same!

I'll leave it at that for now. Expect to hear from me in a few weeks for more tales from the social media world.

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