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Big Screen Bonanza!

Tuesday night was the latest Flash Brighton and BANG collaborative event, their festive Big Screen Bonanza! I’d been to one before and was really looking forward to having a few beers with the animation crowd and watching some great animations, I wasn’t disappointed.

After a couple of free mince pies and wearing reindeer style antlers we all settled down to the first part of the evening. Richard Mitchelson (aka Rich Mitch) kicked things off with a screening of his favourite animations of the year. It was an eclectic mix of funny, beautiful and just plain odd films. There wasn’t a theme at all but they were all excellent examples of animation and storytelling.

Next up was a talk from Garth and Ginny talking about the work they’d produced which included an E4 Music Sting and the brilliant Flash on the Beach titles.

The evening finished off with local animator Cyriak showcasing his latest work. This included Meow - a zombie kitten apocalypse and also a film of Bruce Forsyth going absolutely mental. If you’ve not seen Cyriak’s work before then you should head over to his site and check out animations like Beastenders and The death of Jim Davidson.

All in all it was a great night and I’d like to pass my thanks on to everyone involved in putting it together, that’s Sarah Bird, Seb Lee-Delisle, Rich Mitch, Cyriak, Garth and Ginny and anyone else I’ve forgotten. Looking forward to the next one...


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