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An Interns Point of View - Mia Scerri @ Fat Sand

We have invited some of our interns to be guest bloggers about their experiences as an intern

Here is Mia Scerri who is the intern @ Fat Sand Productions

Photo used with thanks to GARAGE STUDIOS Brighton's Biggest Photography Studio & Training Centre

Fat Sand Productions are a video productions company who make video content for a wide range of markets and clients with roots in kitesurfing DVD's (which they still very much make). Having just hit the halfway mark in my internship I'v had a chance to really get into my role and experience working in a video production company.

Unlike some internships and work experience placements, of which I've done a fair few, I've been given real tasks and responsibilities from day one.

A substantial part of my role, as an intern, has been developing and increasing Fat Sand's presence within social media and other networks. I was shown how to use the range of tools out there and the benefits of regular tweeting, posting, sharing, and blogging. My duties are to keep these ticking over daily and pass on interesting finds to the team as well as keeping up to date with research.

Another aspect of the internship is in assisting with production management. I was able to see the production of a project right from the start, attending meetings with the client, preparing for the day in getting equipment, organising travel arrangements and compiling shot lists. This culminated in the actual event and shoot at Trafalgar Square, during rush hour with 150 women doing aerobics on giant purple exercise balls! I then got to watch the editing process and delivery, due that same evening, and be involved with a project in its entirety. Being able to do this has been a particularly good experience during the internship.

Another part of my internship has been to set up a system to manage the work experience and freelancer's interested in working for Fat Sand, making it easier for the team to refer to when considering and looking for candidates. In the same way I have also done research looking for potential clients and competitive companies for the team to utilise. These have given me a way to help the team during my time at Fat Sand.

The internship is the ideal way to get into digital media in a professional way. I'd done alot of internships before in places such as radio, record labels, and film but had only really scratched the surface of digital media. The internship, and the team at Fat Sand, gave me a good grounding knowledge in everything digital media related in terms of how an actual company, like Fat Sand, use it.

The internship has also been a great opportunity at a time when life for graduates seems to get harder by the day! The scheme has given me good experience and involvement in the field, alongside training days which have added to what I have learnt so far and no doubt will be worthwhile on my CV. Having done a mixture of jobs since graduating last summer the scheme has thrown me in the deep end and put all that studying and brain power to good use. Now the only looming challenge is the office foosball on friday after work in which I will make my office debut....

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