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Women in Media Breakfast April 21st 2010

This morning we held another of our popular Women in Media Breakfasts at the Sanctuary Cafe in Hove. Thank you to everyone who came along, it was great to see some familiar faces as well as lots of new ones.
After devouring croissants and fruit salad we sat down to enjoy a talk from Robin Houghton, Director of Eggbox Marketing. Robin spoke about building your personal brand which highlighted some really useful and simple ways to build ‘brand you’

An interesting analogy of a personal brand that Robin used was, it is like a garden, you can tend to it and cultivate it or not bother about it but it will keep growing whether you like it or not, a description I thought really emphasized the importance of branding yourself appropriately within everything you do.
Robin also highlighted things that I’d never really thought about before – that we shouldn’t shy away from using our face as part of our branding, it’s a unique feature that we all have and should utilise it!
The issue of branding yourself online was an important point, and the dilemma of using different networks and social profiles for work and personal life – e.g. having a personal Facebook profile that can be accessed for anyone, clients etc. Robin highlighted that they are both part of your personal brand and they shouldn’t conflict, the importance of being aware and adaptive to different audiences.
The talk made me think hard about how I present myself day to day and online. I may even give Tom Peters – BRAND YOU! a read (recommended by Robin) – it’s available on the fast company website too. AND lastly the importance of showing my face. Scary!
We will be posting photos on Wired Sussex Flickr stream shortly, so keep checking back to the site. Robins' presentation is now available on slideshare.

We’d love to hear your ideas on any topics and speakers you would like to see at future Women in Media events, if you have any in mind please drop me a line at or let me know via twitter @MediaWomen. We also have a Linkedin group, so feel free to post any feedback in the discussion forum.
The next breakfast events are on Tuesday July 20th and Tuesday November 23rd at the Sanctuary Cafe – more details will be available on the Wired Sussex Events Calendar.

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