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Social Media and the Law

Last night saw iCrossing host an engaging and eye opening event into how the Law affects the Social Web and those who work in online marketing.

The talk was fast-paced and information packed, fortunately Tom has provided the slide deck from last night with some top tips and links. The presentation raised some interesting and mostly reassuring points, rather than give you a long-winded summary, I’ve bulleted my key take-aways from the discussion.

  • Keep records of all images, stories – track back, find the source and make sure you reference this
  • Proper editorial controls are still needed – this is the future but the old rules still apply
  • Removal of control is scary for brands and can be worse for employees Keep records
  • Bear in mind copyright – the common misconception is that you can copy up to X% before it becomes an infringement. This is not true, it is taking the essence of the idea that breaks copyright
  • Invest in understanding – the removal of control can be scary for brands but also for staff
  • If you are hosting content – impose ground rules and be clear. Do not hide your T&Cs behind the digital sofa
  • Adverts must be clear as advert – this may have an impact on viral marketing and is being debated currently
  • Check, double check and then get someone else to check for good measure
  • Above all, make sure you follow common sense

A massive thanks to iCrossing for hosting and thanks to Antony Mayfield, Simon Handby and Tom Cowling.

We are hoping that this was the first of many practical presentations; we’d love to hear what other areas you would be keen to explore. Please contact me with your suggestions via email or twitter or leave us a comment here - Andy

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