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Monthly Web Round-up : May

f you’re not a fan of stats, look away now...

May was another good month for the Wired Sussex website with over nearly 40,000 visits from over 15,000 visitors. This post looks at what those visitors got up to, how they found us and what they looked at.

As usual we'll start with a few headline figures for the month:

With similar stats to last month 30% of visitors were coming to the site for the first time compared to 70% returning visitors. The average visitor spent just under 3 minutes on the site.

The browser stats also stayed similar with Firefox being the most popular and Safari again pushing IE into third place. The split between PCs (60%) and Macs (37%) stayed fairly consistent and there was a slight rise in visits from other operating systems. The amount of visits from the iPad nearly doubled, but only to 18 and I expect this to increase by a fair bit next month.

As always, most of our visitors used the site to look for jobs but this month saw an increase in traffic to our Members Area and our Directory of Members. There were nearly 2,000 unique views of the Projects Board in May which shows a steady increase for this popular area of the site. Some of the individual projects received several hundred views and led to some great feedback including: “I was pleased with the number of responses received and would definitely use the project board again!” and “Posted the Project at 7.30am and by 10am I'd found someone to do the work.

The top referring sites for the month included our own sites; Women in Media, Brighton Jobs Fair and Sussex Internship Programme as well as social media sites (Twitter was our top referrer for the first time!) and obviously search engines (more on that later). Thanks again to all our members who are linking to us and sending traffic our way. Members can download our logo for their site from the Members Section of Wired Sussex.

The main terms people use to find Wired Sussex in search engines were, as usual, our name (spelt in a variety of interesting ways), job search terms and terms relating to the services offered by our members; including terms like “animation brighton”. There are also the names of several of our members in the top 50 terms. Often their page on our directory appears above the members own website in the search engines - another good reason to upgrade your membership.

We received over 18,000 visits via search engines during May by people using over 4,000 different keywords. Some of the unusual search terms people used to find us last month included:

  • iron man upgraded
  • the penalty king
  • which actors play the zingzillas
  • girlwired
  • greenhouse east sussex

I’m sorry to say that I suspect most of these people probably left the site disappointed (although I do consider myself to be a ‘penalty king’!) but once again if there’s anything we can do to improve the site then please get in touch. All feedback will help us create a better site that’s more useful for you.


P.S. I’ve had trouble finding out all the actors who play the Zingzillas but I do now know that Jeremiah Krage plays a pop star orang-utan called Tich.

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