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A Rather Nice Internship - Gemma Taylor Blogs about her experience as an intern.

Gemma Taylor is currently working at Nice Media via the Sussex Internship Programme. She is blogging about here experience as an intern at Nice on their Blog.

Here is Gemma's latest post:

A Rather Nice Internship reveals what a month-long intern with Nice Media involves. From administration and the organising of props and costumes, to operating cameras, lighting and sound. Our new recruit, Gemma Taylor, will give you an insight into working for a Brighton- based video production company.

The staff at Nice Media really seem to fit into the company name. Tom and Mel are about to have their first child so are excited and smile a lot. Izy (Production Manager) sits to the left of me, she's quite down to earth. I've yet to meet the rest of the team and all the freelancers. Will give full update on personalities/ habits as the weeks progress.

That's me in the photo grinning cheesily and I've probably got the best seat in the office- by the window.

So far at Nice Media it's been computer/ office based due to learning the ropes, although yesterday Tom and I cycled to My hotel by the Jubilee library to reccie the bar for next week's shoot. Tom's got one of those fold up 6-speed commuter bikes which incidentally is really nippy. Very expensive saddle though Tom.

The My hotel bar was pretty long with plasma screens, a large cocktail list and a VIP lounge. It had dim lighting and a slightly underground feel. I was impressed with the front desk with its shiny metallic effect and a hole for flowers! We took some photos and then it was straight back to the office.

Other tasks so far have included phoning acting agencies to release actors (didn't get the part) or to keep them heavily penciled in (they might get the part); I've written a news letter for the website about my arrival as an intern; I tagged Nice Media videos on You Tube so we get more hits on the SEO; and lastly I've got my schedule for the next month.

Want to continue to follow Gemma's experience as an intern? Then check back to their Blog on a regular basis

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