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Monthly Web Round-up : August

The stats show August kept up the trend for the site getting over 40,000 visits during the month. We had around 17,500 unique visitors during what is traditionally a quiet time for the website.

As usual we'll start with a few headline figures for the month:

  • Jobs Posted: 62
  • Projects Posted: 21
  • Workspace Adverts Posted: 11
  • New Members: 49

The operating systems visitors used in July were fairly similar to those used in previous months with 56% of visits from Widows, 36% from Mac. For the first time the third most popular operating system used to view the Wired Sussex website was the iPhone providing just over 4% of all views. The iPad also continued its rise up the charts with nearly 100 views during the month. As with previous months the top browsers were Firefox, Safari, IE, Chrome and Opera in that order.

Twitter remained our top referrer for the fourth month in a row; if you don’t already you might want to follow us.

During August we also made some changes to our Events Calendar. The first version of the calendar launched in May and for the first time allowed people to post their digital media related events in one place. Our aim was to create a calendar that stopped people having to check through lots of different sites (upcoming, meetup etc) and show all digital events that are happening in Sussex. As with most of our new services uptake started quite slowly with few events being added. Over time though we’ve seen a big increase in the amount of people adding events with nearly 50 events listed for August.

The recent changes we made to the calendar include a homepage widget to better display upcoming events, more information about individual events (costs, timings etc) and a neater layout of event details. I’d like to thank Steve and the team at Makemedia for doing such a great job on the calendar which has become an integral part of our site.

We hope that the calendar will continue to increase in popularity and become THE place to look for local events. It certainly helps us when planning dates for Wired Sussex events and meet-ups. So if you’re an event organiser make sure you add your event and if you’re looking for something to do tonight then head over to our site and check out the events calendar.

As usual I'll finish up with a few of the more 'interesting' search terms people have used to find the Wired Sussex website: "crown and anchor shoreham", "fishing cuckmere", "flash bang worthing", "lewes police station address" and "rhs rose digger half boot" were search words people used to come to the site in August. So I guess I can add fishermen, victims of crime and Wellington Boot wearers to our site user demographics.


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