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Monthly Web Round-up : September

September saw another rise in visitors to the Wired Sussex website with over 43,000 visits from over 18,000 unique visitors. This month I’ll look into some of the stats around those visitors and will also focus on the Member Directory.

As usual we'll start with a few headline figures for the month:

  • Jobs Posted: 61
  • Projects Posted: 26
  • Workspace Adverts Posted: 14
  • New Members: 57

The average visitor to the site stayed for two and half minutes and looked at around 4 pages. Just over two thirds of visitors in September were returning visitors with the remaining third visiting the site for the first time.

The most popular pages were the homepage, the jobs board and the Wired Sussex Directory of Members.

The directory had nearly 19,000 page views in September and continues to be a popular area of the site. Earlier on this year we updated the directory to allow members to include more information on what they do. We also allowed them to add feeds for news, videos, photos and social media.

Lots of our members have upgraded to get these benefits with people like Spook Studio using it show their ’30 second pitch’ and Fat Sand who have used it to display several of their feeds giving a real overview of the company in one place. It’s not only design and video companies who are making use of the new services; Munro PA Services, who offer admin and social media support for companies, have made use of the new tabbed listings to include details of the testimonials they’ve received from satisfied customers.

The stats also for the news directory show a 14% increase on visitors compared to last year which shows that people are making more use of the directory. The length of each visit to the directory section has increased too which would suggest people are taking more time looking over the new, fuller profiles.

So, if you’d like to get more out of your membership then check out the benefits of upgrading today.


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