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Au'guest' Blog month - Putting an end to the London commute

For the second instalment of our guest blog month is Keri Kennedy's account of finding her 'London job' here in Brighton:

Keri Kennedy found her ideal job at TW Cat

I'm Keri, an Artworker/mac person who has worked in London for most of my 12 year career. I made the move from West London to Hove in 2007 with the view to commute to my much loved advertising production job at The Guardian. I was soon going to realise how exhausting the 2 hour door to door journey would be and took the plunge a year later to find a job in Brighton. It was pretty tough at first, from sporadic freelancing at home and back in London, admin jobs and phases of unemployment finally I found my current job at TW CAT via Wired Sussex
I'm their new Part Time Artworker and I love it. It is a lovely fundraising agency for the not-for-profit sector with incredibly friendly people, a great office in the centre of town and above all the work I am doing is for charities, something I have always wanted to do. Being part time gives me the flexibility to either freelance or make the most of the summer, I'm an obsessive swimmer and swam pier to pier last week, something I would never have been able to do if I was still a commuter with no time in the evenings!
This is the first job that I have had in Brighton that is like a 'London' job, however I would say it is tons better, I cycle home in 15 minutes, everyone at work seems more relaxed and happy while my quality of life is, well there's no comparison really. 

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