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Au'guest' Blog month - You're hired!

For the sixth instalment of our guest blog month we wanted to look at recruiting within digital from a company perspective.
Bozboz, @bozboz are a full service digital agency based in Brighton and Hove.
You’re Hired!
Here at Bozboz we’ve been very busy lately developing and designing websites. And unfortunately, until someone invents a developer who doesn’t need to sleep, we do need to keep hiring new ones as the workload increases.
We originally considered buying a robot. But we’ve got a lot of stairs.
We thought about running our own version of The Apprentice, but then we watched it and got frightened at the thought of letting people like that into our office. They’re all so horrible to each other. And none of them can use a mobile unless it’s on speakerphone. That would get quite annoying. And we’d have to let them all sleep here too. And feed them.  A logistical nightmare.
Plan B was an X Factor style talent contest. We briefly toyed with the idea of inviting coachloads of highly talented web developers to arrive at our offices in sparkly trousers and sing karaoke power ballads to us. Or maybe do some juggling. But when we asked for volunteers here to judge it everyone was coincidentally very busy. What a shame. 
So it seemed that we really had no choice but to recruit a new PHP Developer through more traditional channels.
As a digital agency we need technically skilled and creative minded people who understand what we do for a living. Looking for specialist candidates means that we need to use a recruiter specifically targeted at the digital sector.  We’d previously advertised on Wired Sussex with good results, and decided to try it again.
So advertise we did, and had a tremendous response. And after sifting through a lot of high calibre applications, we’re very pleased to welcome our new PHP Developer Nick Clapp to the Bozboz family. 
Nick joins our team from a local e-learning specialist, where he worked as a Developer and Moodle expert.  He will now be helping our team of programmers to develop and deliver quality websites and systems to a wide range of clients, including artists, record labels and FTSE100 companies.    

Says Nick:
“I really enjoy developing websites for Bozboz, it's a great team and an exciting time to join the company”.
And we didn’t even tell him to say that. Or make him juggle.

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Hi, I'm the Director of Innovation and Projects at Wired Sussex, I deliver our portfolio of regional creative technology projects and support our innovation hub, the FuseBox.

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