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20 of Brighton’s best open their doors for Digital Open Studios week

For 5 days this September as part of Brighton Digital Festival many of Brighton’s most exciting digital agencies will open their doors so you can see what they do, where they do it, who does what and how.  There will be talks, workshops and lots more.  If you’re interested in working in digital in Brighton, don’t miss this chance to make some valuable contacts and to find out what goes on behind the scenes.
So what exactly is Digital Open Studios?  It's based on the Artists’ Open House model, but with a little more structure – most participating companies are opening for a specific period within the week, and some are holding talks within that.   
What do I get out of it?  If you're new to digital, seeing first-hand what actually goes on in the day-to-day running of a digital business offers an incredibly useful insight into how to develop your own career.  For all jobseekers and freelancers, it's a great way of making contacts.  And finally, whatever your interest in digital you'll learn more about the specialist expertise that helps make Brighton one of the fastest-growing and most successful digital hubs in the country.
When is it, and how do I find out more?  It runs from 12 – 16th September.  
More info about which companies are participating and what they will be doing, plus free registration, here:

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