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Au'guest' Blog month - Working in Brighton is better for you

For the eighth instalment of our guest blog month Lily Worth tells us how much happier she is working in Brighton.
Lily Worth, works as Senior Interactive Designer @Mint_Design
The moment I graduated I couldn’t wait to get out into the real world and earn some real money! Unfortunately my initial attempts were less than successful and after many years of fumbling through temp work I took the leap I had put off and sought out work in London.
Initially this seemed completely doable, but catching a train at 7.30 each morning and my keenness for socialising and catching the next live band that came to town clashed, and I became continually run down which had a negative affect on my attendance at work. As I reached the two year mark I became a completely intolerant of my fellow commuters, the cost of rail travel soared and I seemed to have reached the peek of what my employment could offer with no opportunity for further development or promotion. It was time to transfer the skill and experience I had obtained during my time in London to a Sussex based position.
I re-worked my CV and prepared my portfolio giving myself a generous 12 months to find something new, like all creatives looking for work in Brighton and surrounding areas I went to Wired Sussex’s jobs board and got applying. The response was fantastic, within a matter of hours I had my first interview confirmed and within 2 months I was offered a fantastic position a mere 15 minutes walk from my house.
I am now 4 months into my new role at Mint and it has transformed my life, my energy levels have increased 10 fold and my immune system couldn’t be happier! Not having to fork out for train tickets is a huge plus point too.  Being based in the North Laine area of Brighton has opened my eyes to just how many digital companies there are in this small area alone, there certainly is no need to spend hours of your life and hundreds of pounds commuting to the capital if you dream of an easier existence closer to home.

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