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The business model canvas triumphs!

Amy Rutter, Digital Marketing Consultant at zero G media
I knew this would be a good morning from the start – collecting fresh hot banana and chocolate muffins from our workshop sponsor, Taylor St Baristas. They smelled so good I’m surprised there were still enough muffins for each of the attendees when they arrived...
zero G media’s free workshop, Design your business, for Wired Sussex’s Digital Open Studios was a great success.
Creative Director Guy Anderson started the morning by asking each attendee to introduce themselves. It was a really nice way of starting the day off and set the tone for the workshop – relaxed and informal.
The group were then introduced to the business model canvas, a tried and tested method for developing businesses and their processes. The canvas template is made up of nine business model blocks: key partners, key activities, value propositions, cost structure, key resources, channels, customer relationships, customer segments and revenue streams.
The group split into smaller teams of two to creatively explore ideas together based on the canvas, relating each block to their own business.
Not only was it an excellent networking session with everyone exchanging details and business cards, but everyone gave each other really great ideas about their business procedures and the general consensus was the canvas supplied a new way of thinking about an organisation’s structure. Much food for thought!
Everyone got so involved in discussion that unfortunately we ran out of time and didn’t have a chance to present ideas to the larger group as planned – but we went on to Taylor St Baristas for a coffee to finish off the session.
We received some excellent feedback which is really encouraging and holds us in good stead for our next planned monthly free events called Smell the coffee.

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