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A new type of Wired Challenge


This isn't the usual type of Wired Sussex blog as I’m talking about a new Wired challenge; one with wider implications that also impacts me personally.

I thought that it’s time to use the Wired Sussex reputation for a greater good outside of the digital sphere and do my bit for charity.  It struck me that Wired Sussex and our members collaborate together to achieve greater things in digital on a regular basis, and I hope that the same can be true for my challenge.
I've recently found out one of my best friends has stage III breast cancer and I want to try and match her strength through all her surgery, chemo and treatments by raising money towards Breast Cancer Care. I've made a short video about my reasons and how I plan to cycle across the Andes to the Amazon in Peru as a means of raising money.

I don't want to be all sanctimonious about it, but know that unfortunately many of us have had our lives touched by cancer and I know that as a community, many of you may want to power together to help.
Here's some ways you can do just that:

- Join me! There's room for others on the trip.
More details here.

-Train with me (I know there's a lot of cycling enthusiasts out there)

-Donate whatever you can to my
Just Giving page for a big Twitter shout out (and remember that businesses get tax relief from the government for doing so)

-Pay for me to wear your company logo across the Andes mountains and the famed Abra pass.

-Sponsor me to write a blog for you and build links for your SEO

-Pay for some of my recruitment advice

-Get your CV checked over and improved by me for a donation

-Suggest new ideas and event opportunities to partner with (eg possibility of donating a small fee of the ticket price for any of your events in return for Wired Sussex promotion and backing)

-Help spread the word!

 As well as:

Get involved in my Wired Sussex members’ DJ competition ‘Wired for Sound’ on March 31st (full event details will be released very soon)!

So far I'm really grateful to Philip Berman of
Larchmont Films for his filming tips and support, Vicky Melody for lending me the equipment, Veronica Trickett for editing my novice footage and providing the music (especially as it's my 1st ever video attempt!) as well as Tom Jackson of RamJam for the ace motion graphics and Nic Small of ShootFirst for letting me use his sound booth!

It’s going to take more than their help to reach my £4275 target, but I'm lucky to work in a community where we all do just that.

Thanks for listening. Please
email me or follow my quest via:

Caroline Morris
Recruitment and Internships Manager
Wired Sussex

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