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Big Data and Actionable Insights

Everyone seems to be talking about ‘Big Data’ but what are the opportunities for businesses and why is it so exciting?  Guest blogger Sam Zindel (Data Modelling Analyst at iCrossing) explains.....

90% of data that exists in the world today was generated in the last 2 years.

With this explosion of data, driven by the unstructured world of social media content, the digital industry is faced with an ocean of opportunity to better understand human behaviours, interactions and trends. The technology is now available to process large amounts of unstructured data in frighteningly fast times. We are at a pivotal phase of the innovation cycle that describes a new world of information and insight that centres around Big Data.

For the marketer, there is an unparalleled opportunity to connect with consumers. Deeper insight underpins better user experience and more efficient and relevant advertising campaigns. The best brands are learning to use Big Data to better understand their customers’ needs and behaviours and are able to improve engagement with their website and the quality of interactions with their audience. Serving real-time, customised content and tailored advertising is made possible by using new technology like Audience Management Platforms (AMPs) which link insight to immediate action.

Data has always been the foundation of decision making. Our ability to process increasingly complex and varied data sources quickly means that in 2012, our decisions will not just be better informed… Big Data will completely change the way we do business.

Sam and Ollie Glass (Nixon McInnes) have started a Big Data Brighton meet-up that will explore the Big Data world and associated technologies via informal discussions and social gatherings of great minds.  Just sign up to find out more info.

Data insight and analysis certainly is a hot topic at the moment!  Wired Sussex was recently invited along to DC Storm’s first ‘Actionable Insight’ seminar, part of a series of educational events focussed on driving actions from digital data, to improve performance.  The inaugural event explored the fashion retail data ecosystem, looking at what data to use and how to draw valuable insights leading to action.  

Dismissing the noise and understanding what goes on beneath the surface of the data ecosystem allows the marketer to focus on the key data that drives the most successful marketing and business actions specific to their industry.  Get in touch with DC Storm direct to find out more about future educational events starting in July and August, or to apply for a free spot at one of these events.

As always, keep an eye on our events calendar for other events that might be of interest to you!

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