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Nixon McInnes and Cogapp partner to host a hack day for young talent

by Edward Parris of Nixon McInnes:

Young Rewired State is a chance for young coders and designers around the country to get together at centres hosted by local companies for a week of hacking together some great apps based on open data. At the end of the week, all the centres gather for a big presentation on what the guys have been working on.

Our primary focus is to find, foster and challenge the young children and teenagers who are driven to teach themselves how to code. We offer them the support that is missing from schools and colleges by providing mentors, broadening their horizons and introducing them to a network of like-minded peers.

The Festival of Code week is especially important as it allows the kids to realise that, as a geek, they are not alone and that coding is an important, promising and often lucrative career.

Emma Mulqueeny, Rewired State.

NixonMcInnes have joined up with neighbours Cogapp to host the biggest Brighton centre yet; this year we will have 20 young folks joining us for the week. That’s over double last year – so many that we have had to find a new home! Luckily The Lighthouse have stepped up and offered us some space.

This year is also super special: with so many kids applying to take part, a ‘festival of code’ is being organised for the end of the week. 500 kids plus their adults will descend on The Custard Factory in Birmingham for a weekend of more hacking, hanging out, presentations and prizes! The competition is going be tough but I think the Brighton kids will do just as well as they have in previous years (that is, very well). I think some of the kids already signed up for Brighton could do my job better than I can!

How you can help

We are currently at capacity for kids, but would love some more help....We are looking for mentors (designers, UXers, developers) to drop in for an hour or so and help the kids with their projects.  We are also looking for additional sponsorship to cover some travel/food/hardship costs.  So, if you are a company with some spare time or cash that you would like to put towards an excellent cause then please get in touch and drop me or Emma an email.  Many thanks for supporting us help hone the genius' of the future!

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