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Caroline's Super Morriso success!

Phew that was tough, but what a journey...

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My epic cycle ride across the Andes to the Amazon in Peru and my charity quest is finally over.  Thanks for sharing it with me and showing all of your support; I couldn't have done it without you and there's too many of you to mention, but I'll be forever grateful.

Cast your mind back to all of my charity fundraising at the beginning of the year including the 'Wired for Sound' Stick it On event, my mega cycle training schedule and then preparing my trip to be part of Brighton Digital Festival where you read more and interacted with me on my adventure...I think I can say that I've not had time to breath this year.  If I'm being honest, I wasn't even looking forward to going to Peru as I just needed a nice break away doing nothing to recuperate!

The cycle ride itself involved the need for a lot of stamina (eg 9 hrs climbing in a day) and luckily I discovered that I have decent uphill cycling ability (although I'm a bit chicken when it comes to freewheeling downhill over rocks inches from 150m sheer cliff drops).  The roads/paths were also technically challenging, the altitude immense and the nights camping freeeeeezing!  We also made good friends, ate enough to feed an army, got covered in mud, washed it off in Amazonian rivers and met some animals on the way.  It was definitely worth every bit of work I put in and I'm still buzzing now.

All that's left to say is that I'm really grateful for having the support of Wired Sussex, being able to have such an amazing experience and raise vital funds for Breast Cancer Care which stands at a proud £6053 (and maybe that may go up even a little bit more)!  I've also been left feeling more positive than ever and at peace knowing I can relax now that I’ve managed to pull the whole thing off!

Here's a few snaps of the trip which I posted to my page as well as some video clips to leave you with, although I've still got to train for an 80km cycle event in a couple of weeks that I'd forgotten about!

Keep in touch new friends  x

Caroline Morris of Wired Sussex

aka Super Morriso

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