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ReCreate and The FuseBox - what it means to me!

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It's not often you get to work for an organisation where there's opportunity to turn the work that you do into something that will really make a difference to the sector as well as the local community.

I'm really lucky to be working for Wired Sussex at a time where we've managed to win some big projects and to have a hand in helping drive the biggest positive changes for the sector I think Wired Sussex has ever seen.

Big projects with EU funding obviously come packaged with a lot of guidelines, deliverables and complex wording, but here's my take on what our ReCreate project means to me:

  • We get to mix digital with creative a whole lot more as we'll be hosting events and providing space for other community events to happen.
  • A large unusable asbestosy wasted space that nobody could do anything with is now being turned into a fantastic hub called The FuseBox.  It'll be Wired Sussex's new home and provide event space and a meeting room too.  The whole area will be moveable to encourage flexible working, creative thinking and provide opportunity for it to be used in an assortment of ways.
  • It'll be a space that the rest of New England House (NEH) can utilise so we'll get to mix with our neighbours and we hope it will throw up no end of opportunities for us, them and the sector.
  • Part of the project focuses on providing assistance to start ups where I hope to be directly involved in nurturing new business talent and even helping recent graduates launch new businesses!
  • It'll strengthen our existing relationship with Universities and hopefully provide a springboard for further developments.

Overall it'll mean a lot to me, to us, to you, to NEH, to the sector and to Brighton and Hove!

Roll on February / March - we can't wait to move in and hold a party to celebrate!



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