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Interface – some background on the initiative

On 29th January Brighton is hosting Interface.  If you don’t know about the event, Wired Sussex got together with Shakespeare’s Globe to offer our members a unique opportunity to pitch to and network with 10 of the UK’s most prestigious arts and cultural organisations.

Together, we are bringing the Barbican, the National Theatre, the Tate, the Royal Albert Hall, the Imperial War Museum, the Unicorn Theatre, Penguin Books, the V & A and the Rambert Dance Company to Brighton to meet with some of the most interesting, exciting and creative digital companies that the city has to offer.

The event will include a panel discussion, bespoke 1-2-1 meetings where businesses can pitch their ideas and business, and a networking session with some of the UK’s most famous brands.

The 10 cultural organisations involved were very clear that they wanted to meet digital companies with specific skills and that they wanted to have sufficient time with each company. That meant having a limit of 32 on the number of companies who could take part. In the end, we had 80 companies apply for a place.

These are the skills that the cultural organisations were looking for:

*Mobile apps for kids                            *Apps for parents to use with children

*Digitisation of the Halls Archive          *Microsites/apps to engage with teen audience

*Personalised experiences/content     *Hidden learning games for kids

*Eshared/multiuser experiences          *Unique formats for audience engagement

*Drupal                                                    *Interactive/digital feedback tools (inhouse & online)

*Interactive exhibition stands                *Mobile devices/linking interactive with the web

*Unique digital formats                          *Innovative pricing/marketing strategies

*Storytelling IP                                        *Augmented reality/geolocation/digital marketing

*Rewarding digital environments          *HTML5/canvas game development

*Digital publishing                                  *Social media for teens & youths

*Digital engagement                             *Mobile friendly website

*Aurasma technology                            *Tools for posting to multiple platforms

*App developers                                   *Website performance (user concurrency)

*Content or data visualisers/digital illustrators/animators

In working with the cultural organisations to agree which digital businesses to invite, we have tried to match the skills of the companies to the needs of the cultural organisations. We understand that some companies who are not invited to attend the event will be disappointed, but we hope you will understand.

By the way, Wired Sussex doesn’t get any funding to deliver this event. All the work that we put into arranging and delivering it is funded it through membership subs. So to those companies who are already members, we thank you. To those who are not, please join. The more members we have, the more events like this we can put together.

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