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Getting The FuseBox start-ups programme rolling

Hello, Tom Nixon here. I'm working with Wired Sussex to get the start-ups programme for The FuseBox up and running. If you've missed the story so far, here's the original announcement and a transcript of what Wired Sussex CEO Phil Jones said at the opening party to give you a little context. I've had a week to get my feet under the desk and I wanted to share what's happening over here.

During May I am working on the key questions we need to answer before we can get up and running: Who is the start-ups programme for? What challenges will it help them to address? What is the value that The FuseBox will provide, and what kind of support, education and other services will it deliver to create that value?

Since we're creating something new, we won't have definitive answers to all of these questions before we get going, so my job is to get all of the ideas shaped just enough so that we can test the programme with an initial cohort of entrepreneurs, learn as we go along and adjust it as necessary.

By the end of May we will have an outline of the very first FuseBox start-ups programme together with guidance on who it's for, the value we are aiming to deliver and the process for entrepreneurs to apply. We will hold an open evening in early June (date TBC) where you'll have a chance to meet the FuseBox team, hear more about the programme and learn about the application process. The info will be posted online too so don't worry if you can't make it. If all goes well, we are expecting the first start-ups to enter The Fusebox by the end of July 2013 to begin testing and developing the programme with us.

If you have ideas about what the FuseBox start-ups programme could be, I'd love to hear from you. You can leave a comment on this post or send me an email (tom dot nixon at wiredsussex dotcom.) Let me know if you'd like to pop in for a look round and a chat. I'm currently meeting with graduates, entrepreneurs and others working in the start-up area. Also, if you're holding an event for start-ups then please invite me and I'll be there if I can.

I'm personally super excited about this programme. I'm a product of the Brighton creative and digital start-up scene myself having met my first business partner Will McInnes in a co-working space back in 2001 and now I'd like to be part of creating something really exceptional to help Brighton's creative and digital start-up community become even more awesome. I can't wait to talk to more of you over the coming weeks so that we can shape the programme together.

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